• Madeline Stillwell (USA), b. 1978
  • stillstillmad@gmail.com
  • Lives & works in Berlin (2008-present).

    Madeline Stillwell's live Performances & Exhibitions include Documenta 13 , Berlin Biennale 7, Ferenzcy Museum, Centrum, Bazis Contemporary, Wilde Gallery. She received a Master’s of Fine Arts Degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2008, and currently teaches Performance at the Evangelische Hochschule Berlin.

    "Art is a moment of clarity amidst the chaos of structures we attempt to arrange and re-arrange around ourselves. It is a vehicle to the unknown. Life throws us a pile of leftovers, and we are challenged to make something out of it. It is this vital need to share, to question, to disrupt. Connecting body, voice, material, & space, I aim to present a collective rupture alongside a transformative self."

    -Madeline Stillwell, 2012

    _Recent Overview:_
    |https://vimeo.com/153392618|"From the Stomach: Madeline Stillwell, Performance Works 2006-2016"|