"From the Stomach"
Madeline Stillwell, Performance Work 2006-2016

Camera & Interview:
Marjorie Brunet Plaza

Marjorie Brunet Plaza & Madeline Stillwell

Video documentation:
Machine Pipe Drawing- Roland Moreau
The Washing- Madeline Stillwell
Pedestal Piece- Peter Cairns
Untitled- Marjorie Brunet Plaza
Photoshoot III- Madeline Stillwell
Read? Read What?- Roland Moreau
Photoshoot II- Madeline Stillwell, Pauline Shaw
Live Blind Tape Drawing- Maurice Doherty, Roland Moreau, Jens Magesuppe
Training Session- Marjorie Brunet Plaza
Excessive Room Service- Maurice Doherty
No More Sugar for the Monkey- Madeline Stillwell
Pigeon House- Madeline Stillwell
Stasi Prison- Marjorie Brunet Plaza
Video Drawings 2&3- Madeline Stillwell
Stick Werfen- Madeline Stillwell
Prelude to Never Loving Again- Madeline Stillwell


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